About the Eject tab (Profile dialog box)

Use the Profile dialog box Eject tab to specify the following:

If you create catalog backup media in a profile in which you eject media, you must add the appropriate catalog volume pool to the off-site volume pools eject list.

If you eject media from Veritas Storage Migrator (VSM), you must add the VSM volume pool to the VSM media eject list.


Veritas Storage Migrator (VSM) 6.5 is the final release of the product and is not supported in NetBackup 7.0. However, VSM is supported for the life of NetBackup 6.5 and all NetBackup 6.5 release updates. This means only NetBackup 6.5 GA and 6.5.x media servers support VSM media and this version of Vault will manage those media. Starting with the next major release of NetBackup, Vault will no longer support VSM media eject and report functionality.

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