Profile dialog box

A Vault profile is a template for a vault job; it contains the rules for selecting, duplicating, and ejecting media. A profile is associated with a specific vault, and at least one profile must exist for every vault. A vault can contain multiple profiles, although two profiles within the same vault cannot run simultaneously. Two different profiles can run simultaneously if each profile is in a different vault and if each profile uses a different off-site volume pool.

All profiles select images (that is, Choose Backups).

You must select at least one of the following profile options when you create a new Vault profile:

The other options are optional so you can separate the Vault tasks into separate jobs if desired, using different jobs to accomplish different tasks. For example, you can use one job to select and duplicate images daily, and another job to eject media and generate reports weekly.

You can select or deselect any of these profile options at any time during the configuration process.

After you create a profile, use a Vault policy to schedule when it should run.

See About scheduling a Vault session.