About the Recovery Report for Vault report

The Recovery Report for Vault shows all policies defined on a NetBackup master server and all media that are required to restore the backups between a given set of dates. The report displays the date range to which the images on the media apply.

This report also includes the following:

In a consolidated Recovery report, the earliest date range among the consolidated sessions is the end date. The Recovery report is generated from the current date and time to that end date. Time ranges specified in individual profiles will be used to generate the reports. Each time range are calculated based on the start time of the individual sessions participating in the consolidated report.

Sending the Recovery report to the vault vendor on a regular basis helps with disaster recovery efforts. If the master server is destroyed by a disaster, you cannot generate a Recovery report to determine which volumes to request from the vault vendor. Therefore, it is very important that the vault vendor have a copy of the Recovery report.

Report settings:

Field descriptions in the Recovery Report for Vault report are as follows:


Name of the policy that was used to back up the client.


Name of the schedule that was used to back up the client.


Name of the client that was backed up. (Excluding catalog backup media.)


The ID of the media. (Vault catalog backup media only.)


The ID of the media. (Excluding catalog backup media.)


The date the catalog backup was written to the volume. (Vault catalog backup media only.)


The offsite vault at which the media are stored.


The ID of the slot or container in which the volume resides in the offsite vault.