About the Non-vaulted Images Exception report

The Non-vaulted Images Exception report shows images and media that were not vaulted when the Vault session was run. When a Non-vaulted Images Exception report for a given session is generated, the current status of images (in the preview.list of the session) and the media they reside on is checked for those that were not vaulted. This report lists the images (from the preview.list file) and the media that match the Choose backups criteria, and were not vaulted at the time the report was generated.

If you generate the report after a session runs, images that expired since the session ran are not on the report even though they were not vaulted. Therefore, to use the Non-vaulted Images report effectively, generate it when a session runs and save it so you can refer to it later.

You can save the report by specifying a directory to save the report to on the Reports tab (Profile dialog box).

Reports also are saved in the session directory.

Report settings:

Column descriptions in the Non-vaulted Images report are as follows:


The date when the volume was assigned by NetBackup Media Manager.


Identifier that NetBackup assigns when it performs the backup.


The date the volume was created (original backup or duplicated).


Date when the images on the volume expire.


The ID of the media.


Name of the policy that was used to back up the client.


The number of the Vault robot in which the volume resides. (Consolidated report only.)


Name of the schedule that was used to back up the client.


The ID of the slot in which the volume resides in the robot. (Slot vaulting only.) (Session report only; does not appear for consolidated report.)


The group to which the volume is assigned.


The pool to which the volume is assigned.