Revaulting unexpired tapes

If Vault tapes that have not expired are injected back into a robot, you can revault them manually.

To revault unexpired tapes

  1. Eject the media, as follows:

    • In the NetBackup Administration Console, select the robot into which the media was injected (Media and Device Management > Robots).

    • Select the media ID(s) you want to eject.

    • Select the Eject Volumes from Robot.... operation on the Actions menu.

  2. Transfer the media to the offsite volume group by doing the following:

    • Select the media ID(s).

    • Select Actions > Change Volume Group.

    • Choose the appropriate off-site volume group from the New Volume Group Name drop-down menu.

  3. Return the media to your vault vendor so that all backups on that media are available for future disaster recovery.

  4. Run the Recovery report to ensure that the media is available for future disaster recovery operations.

    Alternatively, you can use the vmchange command to eject the media and transfer it to the offsite volume group.