About stopping bpvault

To stop a bpvault duplication process, you can use the vltrun -haltdups command from the command line interface.

See the NetBackup Commands manual.

This command sends a SIGUSR2 signal to the main duplication process, which is the primary vault job that is currently in the duplication process. This signal is automatically propagated to the other bpvault duplication instances without waiting for any current duplication job instance to finish. The current duplication completes and no more duplication instances run. However, the bpvault.all script continues to complete processing of the other bpvault commands.

To end a bpvault process immediately rather than wait a number of minutes for the current bpduplicate processes to complete, first run the -haltdups command. Then manually stop the bptm jobs on each server. However, do not stop the bpduplicate processes. The errors received by bpvault are logged and these images are not successfully duplicated. The failure of the bptm or bpduplicate means these images are duplicated on the next attempt if the number of duplicate_days is not exceeded.