About the no duplicate progress message

If you see a message similar to the following in the Vault detail.log, the Vault process has not received any new information from the bpduplicate process within the time frame specified (in this example, 30 minutes):

	bpduplicate_progress_logname: no activity in 30 minutes

bpduplicate_progress_logname is the progress log that bpduplicate creates as it runs the duplication for Vault.

This file resides in the following directory:

The vault_name is the name of the vault used for the session, xxx is the unique session ID, and n is the number of the instance of the bpduplicate command (1 for the first instance, 2 for the second, and so on).

This message does not necessarily indicate that an error occurred. If the image that is currently being duplicated is very large (for example, several gigabytes), this message appears only for informational purposes. To determine if a problem exists, you can determine the size of the current image. First examine the last few lines of the details.log file to determine backup image ID.

Then run the bpimagelist command and specify the image ID, as in the following example:

The output of this command shows you various statistics about this backup image, including the number of kilobytes written during the backup. If the number is relatively small, there may be a problem with the duplication process. Sometimes this delay is caused by a media mount (which normally does not occur in robotic devices during duplication), by hardware problems, or by the media in use. Examine the Activity Monitor to determine if there are any hardware problems and also check the system logs. If the backup image is very large, regard this message as informational.