Reduplicating a bad or missing duplicate tape

If a duplicate tape is lost or damaged, you can reduplicate the images that were on the tape if the primary backup images still reside in the robot.

To reduplicate a bad or missing tape

  1. Determine which images were on the tape by running the bpimmedia command.

    The bpimmedia command scans the entire NetBackup image catalog. It may take a few minutes depending on the size of that catalog. Save the output because you need to verify that the correct images were reduplicated.

  2. Expire the lost or damaged duplicate tapes by using the bpexpdate command.

  3. Determine when the images were created by using the bpimagelist command.

  4. Create a profile that has the same criteria as the profile that created the missing duplicate tape except for the following:

    • Specify policy names only for the policy names used to create the images on the missing tape.

    • Set the time window so the profile selects the images on the missing tape. For example, if the original backups were made 30 days ago, set the time window between 32 and 28 days ago.

  5. Run the profile by selecting it in the Administration Console and then select Actions > Start Session.

    Ensure that no other Vault sessions are running before running this new profile.

    Before duplicating images, you can verify that the correct images are selected by previewing the session.

More Information

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