About bpdbjobs for Vault

The NetBackup activity monitor utility, bpdbjobs, displays Vault jobs by default.

Table: Vault fields in bpdbjobs output shows the Vault-specific fields that you receive if you run the bpdbjobs command and use the -vault option.

Table: Vault fields in bpdbjobs output




The name of the robot with which the vault is associated.


The name of the vault under which the session is running.


The name of the profile that holds the configuration information for the vault session.

Session ID

The session ID, a unique numeric value, for the vault job. Session ID assignment starts at 1 the first time a vault job is ran after vault has been installed. The value is incremented by 1 every time a new vault job runs.

Tapes to Eject

The number of tapes to be ejected for a vault session. If the profile is configured for deferred eject, the tapes may not be ejected yet.


For Vault jobs, the field contains one of the following values. These values progress from the first value to the last as the Vault job progresse as follows:

  • Choosing Images

  • Duplicating Images

  • Choosing Media

  • Catalog Backup

  • Eject and Report

  • Done

If a Vault job completes successfully (with exit status = 0), the State field and the Operation field both contain the value Done. If a vault job fails, the Operation field contains the operation occurring at the time the job failed.