About using the Vault operator menu interface

The Vault Operator Menu interface lets an authorized user eject and inject tapes and print reports for one or more Vault sessions (an authorized user is one who can run the vltopmenu command).

The vltopmenu command, which starts the Vault Operator Menu, resides in the following directory:

When you run the vltopmenu command, the NetBackup Vault Operator menu appears in the terminal window.

					NetBackup Vault Operator Menu 
Current Profile: None 
Current Session: 0 
Current Report Destinations - Print command: /usr/ucb/lpr 

p) Select Profile		 m) Modify the Report Destinations...

u) Profile Up			 r) Run Reports for This Session

d) Profile Down			 v) Run Individual Reports...

s) Select Session		 cr) Consolidate All Reports

i) Inject Media into Robot  e) Eject Media for This Session

ce) Consolidate All Ejects  re) Consolidate All Reports and Ejects

c) Container Management...

q) Quit


Upon startup, the menu displays the current profile, session, and report destinations.

The vltopmenu command writes messages about its operations to the log file for Vault commands: