About the Vault administration interface

The information in this section applies to UNIX and Linux systems only.

The Vault Administration interface lets you configure and run Vault from a text-based menu. You can perform the same actions in the Vault Administration menu as in the NetBackup Administration Console.

You can use the Vault Administration interface from any character-based terminal (or terminal emulation window) that has a termcap or terminfo definition. Use the vltadm command to start the Vault Administration interface, and run the vltadm command only from the UNIX system on which the NetBackup master server resides. You must have root privileges to run the vltadm command.

The vltadm command and interface is available on UNIX systems only.

The vltadm command resides in the following directory:


When you run the vltadm command, the following menu appears in the terminal window:

Vault Administration
	 Robot Name:  <none>
	 Vault Name:  <none>
	 Profile Name:  <none>
r)  Browse all configured robots
v)  Browse all configured vaults for selected robot
p)  Browse all configured profiles for selected vault
n)  Robot management...
t)  Vaults for selected robot...
f)  Profiles for selected vault...
c)  Copy selected profile...
s)  Start session for selected profile...
a)  Vault properties...
h)  Help
q)  Quit

To browse through specific robots, vaults, or profiles already configured in Vault, press r, v, or p. When the correct robot, vault, or profile appears, type the letter of the action you want to perform.

You can configure different criteria in the Vault Administration interface.

For help on the currently displayed menu, select the help option on that menu. Help includes a tutorial for learning and using the Vault Administration interface.

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