About session logs

The directory generated for each vault session collects information for the session in two log files. The detail.log file contains a step-by-step record of each action performed for the session. Some of the information in detail.log is also recorded in the NetBackup log files. The summary.log file contains a brief description of the vault session, and the results of the session. If email notification is enabled, the information in this file is appended to the email.

The detail.log has information about the number of images selected by a particular session. In addition, it should record information (during the duplication step) about the total number of images and the number of images duplicated. If these numbers do not match, it means that some images were not duplicated. The log should contain information about which images were not duplicated, either because they were duplicated in a prior session or because the duplication failed for some reason. The actual images selected by the session shows only if a higher debug level (level 5) is used.

Vault maintains its session log files for a particular session in the directory for that session.

The directory is located in the following path:

The name of the vault is vault_name and it is used for the session and the unique session identifier, xxx, is the identifer that Vault assigns to each vault session. The session ID starts at 1 the first time Vault runs and is incremented by 1 for each new session. The session identifier for a Vault session can be found by viewing the Activity Monitor entry for that session.


Directory names are not case sensitive on Microsoft Windows systems. Therefore, session directories are created in the same vault\sessions\vault_name directory for two or more vaults that have names that differ only in case.

Table:  Vault session log names describes the Vault session logs.

Table: Vault session log names




Progress information for duplication operations; generated by the -L option of the bpduplicate command.


Summary of images to be duplicated if Duplication step is configured or ejected if Eject step is configured and Duplication step is not.


Lists all images and partial images for a session.


Summary of each action performed for a Vault session.


Brief description of the Vault session and its results. If email notification is enabled, data in this log file is appended.