About changing volume pools and groups

If you change to a new off-site volume group or off-site volume pool(s), you can ensure that media are recalled by configuring a profile that only generates the reports needed to recall media, as follows:

Media in the old off-site volume group and in the old volume pool(s) are recalled from off-site storage as they expire. After each volume is recalled and injected back into the robot, change its volume pool and group to the new ones. If a volume is returned to a scratch volume pool from which all media are allocated, you do not have to change the volume pool.

After all media in those volume pools and groups are recalled, you can delete the vault, volume group, and volume pools.


If you have media in your off-site vault, Symantec recommends that you do not change or rename your off-site volume group(s) or off-site volume pool(s). If you begin using new volume pools and groups in your Vault profiles, the reports that recall expired media does not include the old groups and pools.