About the Offsite Inventory report

The Offsite Inventory (or Full Inventory List for Vault) report includes the information in the Vault Inventory report and also includes any volumes that were requested back from the offsite vault vendor (that is, inbound media in transit). Usually, this report is not generated on a daily basis. Rather, the Inventory List for Vault report is sent to the vault vendor to perform verification.

If you use a scratch pool, this report may include volumes from other profiles or vaults that have expired and moved back into the scratch pool even if the report is for a specific Vault profile or session.

Report settings:

Column descriptions in the Offsite Inventory report are as follows:


The date when the volume was assigned by NetBackup Media Manager.


The ID of the container in which the volume resides in the vault. (Container vaulting only.)


Date when the images on the volume expire.


The type of media:

  • NBU. NetBackup media that contains backup images.

  • New NBU CTLG. Catalog backup media from NetBackup 6.0 and later releases.

  • Add-on. Media not managed by NetBackup.


The ID of the media.


The date the volume was requested to be returned from the offsite vault.


The ID of the slot in which the volume resides in the vault. (Slot vaulting only.)


The name of the vault to which the volume's profile belongs. (Consolidated report only.)