About the Detailed Distribution List for Vault report

The Detailed Distribution List for Vault report shows the volumes that have ejected from the robot and are transported off-site. This report is similar to the Picking List for Robot and Distribution List for Vault reports except that it includes detailed information about the images on each volume. Because backup jobs can span volumes, fragments of a backup image may appear on more than one volume. If two or more fragments of the same image are on one volume, they are reported on one line rather than on a separate line for each fragment. That is, each image is listed once for every media its fragments reside on.

This report is useful at a disaster recovery site. Symantec recommends that you send this report offsite.

Report settings:

Column descriptions in the Detailed Distribution List for Vault report are as follows:


Identifier that NetBackup assigns when it performs the backup.


Name of the client that was backed up.


The ID of the container in which the volume resides in the vault. (Container vaulting only.)


Yes or No.


Date when the images on the volume expire. For Vault catalog backup media, displays the date calculated as a return date during the volume assignment.


The number of images on the volume.


The size in kilobytes of the complete backup image. The size of the complete image is listed even if the image is a fragment. For Vault catalog backup volumes, the field is empty.


The size in megabytes of all images on the volume. For Vault catalog backup media from releases earlier than NetBackup 6.0, the field is empty.


The type of media:

  • NBU. NetBackup media that contains backup images.

  • New NBU CTLG. Catalog backup media from NetBackup 6.0 and later releases.

  • Add-on. Media not managed by NetBackup.


The ID of the media.


Partial images on the volume. The field displays:

  • COMPLETE if all fragments reside on that volume.

  • PARTIAL if some fragments reside on other volumes.

  • EXTRA if the images does not belong to the session.


Name of the policy that was used to back up the client.


Name of the schedule that was used to back up the client.


The ID of the slot in which the volume resides in the offsite vault. (Slot vaulting only.)


The name of the vault to which the volume's profile belongs. (Consolidated report only.)


The date the image was written.