Viewing Vault reports

You can use the NetBackup Administration Console to view and print reports for Vault sessions for which reports are already generated. You can only view reports if the session directory for that vault still exists. Only some of the reports are valid. For example, the picking list reports are only valid on the date they were generated.

To view Vault reports

  1. Select NetBackup Management > Reports > Vault Reports.

  2. Select one of the Vault reports or report types.

    When you select a report or report type, the Reports window appears. The Reports window includes a Report Settings area and a report contents window.

  3. Enter or select the appropriate values for the report you want to generate.

    Usually, you must specify a profile and a session ID. You also may have to specify a date range or time period.

  4. Click Run Report.

  5. To print the report, click File > Print.