About consolidating reports

You can generate reports and eject media from more than one vault session, which is known as consolidating your reports and ejections. For example, you may duplicate images daily but eject media and generate reports only at the end of the week. To do so, specify deferred reports on the Reports tab and deferred eject on the Eject tab for each profile for which you want to consolidate reports. Then, eject the media and generate the reports.


If you consolidate reports, you should also consolidate ejects.

When you generate the reports, you select the robot, vault, or profile sessions for which reports were deferred (that is, for reports that are pending).

You can consolidate the following:

A consolidated report includes information from all sessions in which that report is specified in the profile. For example, a consolidated Picking List for Robot includes the appropriate media from all sessions whose profile has Picking List for Robot selected on the Reports tab.

Table: Consolidated reports elements defines the elements of a consolidated report.

Table: Consolidated reports elements

Report element


Report Header

Includes the following:

  • Identifies the report as a consolidated report.

  • The robots, vaults, or profiles that are included in the report.

  • The sessions included in the report.

Report Body

Shows media from all sessions included in the consolidation in which the report is selected on the profile Reports tab. If media applies to more than one session, only the information from the most recent session is included. Similarly for containers, only the container information from the most recent session appears.


Shows the same information as in a nonconsolidated report.

In the Recovery Report, the earliest date range among the consolidated sessions is the end date. The Recovery Report is generated from the current date and time to that end date. Time ranges specified in individual profiles are used to generate the reports. Each time range is calculated based on the start time of the individual sessions participating in the consolidated report.

If eject has not completed, the subset of reports that do not depend on completion of eject are generated. These reports are generated again if deferred reports are run again.

If you consolidate reports and also rename reports, use the same customized report title for all profiles whose reports are consolidated. The customized report title is printed on the report and appears in the email subject line if you email the reports.


Reports cannot be consolidated between vaults that use slots and vaults that use containers.

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