Creating duplicate images concurrently

You can create multiple duplicate backup images concurrently either by using the NetBackup Catalog node or by configuring the Duplication tab of a Vault profile. Duplication is not always possible, so you must understand when you can use duplication in NetBackup.

Table: Possible circumstances for duplicating a Vault profile describes when duplication is and is not possible in NetBackup.

Table: Possible circumstances for duplicating a Vault profile

Possible to duplicate backups

Not possible to duplicate backups

  • From one storage unit to another.

  • From one media density to another.

  • From one server to another.

  • From multiplex to nonmultiplex format.

  • From multiplex format and retain the multiplex format on the duplicate. The duplicate can contain all or any subset of the backups that were included in the original multiplexed group. This is done with a single pass of the tape. (A multiplexed group is a set of backups that were multiplexed together during a single session.)

  • While the backup is being created (unless you create multiple backup images concurrently during the backup job).

  • While any other backup image is being written to a tape that contains the source primary backup.

  • When the primary backup image is not available.

  • By using the NetBackup scheduler to schedule duplications automatically (unless you use a Vault policy to schedule duplication).of the NetBackup catalogs.

  • When it is a multiplexed image of the following:

    • Auspex FastBackup

    • NDMP backup

    • Backups to or from disk type storage units

    • Nonmultiplexed backups

If you do multiplexed duplication, be aware of the following:

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