Creating original images concurrently

In a NetBackup policy job, you can create multiple original backup images concurrently. Vaulting original images has many benefits, including easier configuration of Vault, fewer chances for resource contention, and possibly fewer drives required.

To create multiple backup images concurrently

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand Master Server > NetBackup Management > Policies.

  2. Double-click an existing policy or do the following:

    • Windows: select Actions > New > New Policy

    • UNIX: click Add New Policy to create a new policy.

  3. Select the Schedules tab.

  4. Double-click an existing schedule or click New to create a new schedule.

  5. In the Schedule Attributes tab of the Schedule dialog, select Multiple Copies and then click Configure.

  6. In the Configure Multiple Copies dialog box, specify the number of copies to be created simultaneously.

    The maximum is four. Copy 1 is the primary copy. If copy 1 fails, the first successful copy is the primary copy.

  7. Specify the priority of the duplication job for each copy, from 0 to 99999.

    A larger number is higher priority. All copies are duplicated at the same priority.

  8. Specify the storage unit where each copy is stored.

    If a Media Manager storage unit has more than one drive, it can be used for both the source and the destination. Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) storage units are not supported when creating multiple copies during a NetBackup policy job.

  9. Specify the volume pool to which each copy is assigned.

  10. Select the retention level for each copy.

    If you select No Change, the expiration date is the same for the duplicate and original copies.

    If you select a different retention period, the expiration date of the copy is the backup date plus the retention period. For example, if a backup was created on November 14, 200x, and its retention period is one week, the new copy's expiration date is November 21, 200x.

  11. Select whether to Continue the other copies if a copy operation fails or to Fail All Copies.

  12. Specify who should own the media onto which NetBackup writes the images:


    NetBackup chooses the media owner, either a media server or server group.


    Specifies that the media server that writes to the media owns the media. No media server is specified explicitly, but you want a media server to own the media.

    A server group

    All media server groups configured in your NetBackup environment appear in the drop-down list. Specifying a media server group allows only those media servers in the group to write to the media on which backup images for this policy are written.

  13. Click OK.

  14. Configure other schedule criteria as appropriate.