About concurrent copies

You can create up to four copies of the same backup image concurrently. Those copies are created concurrently by the Inline Tape Copy feature. If the images are created during a NetBackup policy job, all are considered original images. If the images are duplicated by using the NetBackup Administration Console Catalog node or during a Vault job, they are considered duplicate images.

You must configure NetBackup to allow a sufficient number of copies in the Maximum Backup Copies field for the NetBackup master server. (Configured in NetBackup Management > Host Properties > Master Server > server_name > Global NetBackup Attributes.) By default, the value is two.

All storage units must be connected to the same media server. Also, you must configure the storage unit to allow a sufficient number of concurrent jobs to support the concurrent copies (Maximum Concurrent Jobs or Maximum Concurrent Drives Used for Backup setting).

You can write images concurrently to the following storage units:

If you create multiple original images concurrently during a NetBackup policy job, the backup time required may be longer than for one copy. Also, if you specify both Media Manager and disk storage units, the duration of disk write operations match that of slower removable media write operations.

You cannot create images concurrently using the following: