About using notify scripts

A Vault job can call notify scripts at specific points during the execution of the job. Vault includes template notify scripts that you can customize for your use. You can use a script for a robot, a vault, or a profile.

The template notify scripts are in the following directory:

On Windows systems, the names of the scripts include a .cmd extension. They include instructions that can help you edit them for your needs.

To call and run a script, it must be copied to the NetBackup bin directory. A script must return a normal status (0) for the Vault job to continue processing. In case of failure, the script must return a nonzero status code to cause the Vault job to stop. On UNIX systems, the return status is communicated to the Vault job through the exit call. On Windows systems, the scripts communicate the return status in a file defined by the EXIT_STATUS environment variable, which is set by Vault.

The following scripts are provided with Vault:


Called by the Vault session after it starts. For example, you can use it to send notification when the Vault job begins.


Called by the Vault session before the list of media to be ejected (the eject.list) is built. Use this script to add media managed by Media Manager but not created by NetBackup or Vault to the eject list. The script writes media IDs to the addon_medialist file. Vault reads the addon_medialist file and ejects the media listed in that file during the current Vault session if the volume pool in which that media resides is in the Off-site Volume Pools list on the Eject tab of the Profile dialog box.


Called by the Vault session after the eject.list file is built and before the automatic eject process begins. Use this script to send notification when the eject process begins or perhaps to suspend the media in the eject list. If the eject step is not configured for the profile, the vlt_starteject_notify script is not called.


Called at the end of eject processing. Use this script to send notification when the eject process ends. If the eject step is not configured for the profile, the vlt_endeject_notify script is not called.


Called by the Vault session immediately before it exits. One use for this script is to start another vault job. Then run Vault jobs in succession and avoid resource contention.

Before you use a notify script, ensure that your systems are set up properly for email.

See About setting up email.

For information on how to use the notify script, see the following: