Vaulting media not created by NetBackup

Vault can eject and track media that was not created by NetBackup if the media are managed by Media Manager. Vault uses a eject notify script to add valid media IDs to the eject list. Vault ejects that media if you add the volume pool in which that media resides to the Offsite Volume Pools list on the Eject tab of the Profile dialog box.

Vault assigns vendor slot or container IDs to the media. Those media appear on the Picking List for Robot and Picking List for Vault reports. Vault ejects notify script media even if no other media are selected for ejection by the Vault profile.

Notify script templates are provided with Vault. The following procedure documents how to copy and modify the vlt_ejectlist_notify script.The scripts include information about how to modify and test them.

To vault non NetBackup media managed by media Manager

  1. Copy the vlt_ejectlist_notify script and name it appropriately (that is, add the appropriate extension to the name).

  2. Edit the script as follows:

    • Add the media IDs of the non NetBackup media that you want to eject.

    • Add a vltoffsitemedia command and use the vltreturn option to set a date to recall the media from the vault.

      The script runs the vltoffsitemedia command(s) and assign the expiration date(s). The media appears on the Picking List for Vault on the date it expires.

  3. Place the script in the NetBackup bin directory.

  4. Configure a Vault profile so that it includes the volume pool in which the media are assigned in the Off-site Volume Pools list on the Eject tab of the Profile dialog box.

    When the profile runs and if the script runs successfully, the media ejects.

    See the NetBackup Commands manual for information about the vltoffsitemedia command.

    See also, "Using NetBackup Commands" in the NetBackup Administration Console help.

More Information

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