Vaulting VSM media

Vault can eject and track Veritas Storage Migrator (VSM) media if it is in a VSM volume pool configured on the profile Eject tab and it has a return date from vault set by VSM. Vault assigns vendor slot or container IDs to the media. The media appears on the Picking List for Robot when they are ejected and on the Picking List for Vault that covers their return dates.


Veritas Storage Migrator (VSM) 6.5 is the final release of the product and is not supported in NetBackup 7.0. However, VSM is supported for the life of NetBackup 6.5 and all NetBackup 6.5 release updates. This means only NetBackup 6.5 GA and 6.5.x media servers support VSM media and this version of Vault will manage those media. Starting with the next major release of NetBackup, Vault will no longer support VSM media eject and report functionality. In addition, if you have VSM media vaulted off-site after the next major release you must track that media manually.

You can vault VSM media by using a profile specifically for VSM media or by using a profile that also ejects NetBackup media. If you use a profile that you already use for ejecting media and generating reports, you do not have to run a VSM-specific profile. The VSM media is ejected, vaulted, and recalled as part of your normal Vault operations.

Vault suspend options do not affect VSM media; VSM media are never suspended.

Prerequisites to vaulting VSM media in Vault are as follows:

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To vault VSM media

  1. Configure a Vault profile so it includes the dedicated VSM volume pool(s) from which you want to eject media. For a VSM-specific profile, accept the defaults on the Choose Backups tab and skip the duplication and catalog backup steps.

  2. On the Eject tab, select Eject Media from VSM Volume Pools and then add the VSM volume pool(s) to the eject list. The VSM media must be in a volume pool dedicated to VSM.

  3. For a VSM-specific profile, select (at a minimum) the following reports on the Reports tab:

    • Picking List for Robot

    • Picking List for Vault

  4. Run the profile so that VSM media are ejected and reports are generated.

    You can schedule both the VSM vaulting session and the Vault session so they run at a regular interval.