Tracking volumes not ejected by Vault

Eject is the event that Vault uses to update the NetBackup database for the location of volumes and to recall volumes. In normal operation, Vault must eject volumes so they are tracked and recalled from off-site storage after they expire.

If you ejected volumes or removed them from your robot without using a Vault eject method, it is still possible to use Vault to track them if they are in a volume pool you are using for off-site media. Using commands, you can change the attributes for volumes that were not ejected by Vault so they appear in the Vault reports and are recalled when they expire.


This process works only if the volumes already are in a volume pool on the Eject tab of a profile. You cannot change the pool of an assigned volume.

To track volumes not ejected by Vault do the following:

A catalog volume is processed the same except the return date is set to the date the volume should be recalled.

If you are adding the volumes to slots at your off-site storage location, you can use the vltoffsitemedia command with the -list option to find empty slots into which you can add the volumes.

If you are placing the volumes in containers, use the vltcontainers command to add the volumes logically to containers after you specify the off-site volume group and the vault attributes.

The default return date of a container is the date of the volume in the container that is returned the latest. You may have to change the container return date if the volume you add expires later than any volume already in the container.

The following are the vltoffsitemedia options you can use to set the necessary volume attributes:

-vltname vault_name

The name of the vault.

-vltreturn date

Set the return date to 0. Vault uses the latest expiration date of the images on the volume as the return date. Exception: if the volume is a NetBackup catalog backup volume, set the date the volume should be recalled from offsite.

-vltsent date

Set the sent date to the date the volume was ejected. The format of the date depends on your locale setting. For the C locale, the date syntax is mm/dd/ yyyy [hh[:mm[: ss]]].

-vltsession session_id

The ID of the session that vaulted the volume or container. Set it to a nonzero number that is different from existing session IDs

-vltslot slot_id

The ID of the slot in which the volume resides in the off-site vault. Ensure that this is an empty slot at your off-site storage location. If you are placing the volume in a container, do not specify this option.

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