Vaulting additional volumes

Usually, you create the necessary copies of backup media during a NetBackup policy job or a Vault profile duplication job, and the Vault profile ejects the media for transfer off site. After the Vault profile is run, you cannot run the profile again to create additional copies of media that was already sent off site.

However, you can use other methods to create and eject additional copies of backup media after the NetBackup policy and Vault profile have run. You can duplicate the volume manually or you can configure Vault to duplicate the volume. If you want to duplicate and eject one or several additional volumes one time only, the easiest solution is to duplicate the volume manually.

To duplicate an additional volume, the primary copy of the volume must be in the robot. If the primary copy is not in the robot but a duplicate copy is, you can use the bpchangeprimary command to change the duplicate to primary before you create an additional volume.

See the NetBackup Commands manual for information about the bpchangeprimary command.

See also "Using NetBackup Commands" in the NetBackup Administration Console help.

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