Generating a Container Inventory Report

The Container Inventory Report shows all the containers configured in your vaulting environment, the return date of each container, and the media that are in each container. Alternatively, you can specify a container ID to generate a report of the media in a specific container.

If you are using containers, all of the other Vault reports list the ID of the container in which the volume resides rather than a slot number. Reports do not show container information until after you add container and media IDs in Vault. Media are removed logically from a container when they are injected back into the robot.

You also can generate the Container Inventory Report by using the Vault Operator Menu (Run Individual Reports > Container Inventory).


You must specify a directory path where the report is generated.

To generate a container inventory report

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, select Reports > Vault Reports > Container Inventory.

  2. In the Container ID field, select All Containers or the ID of the container for which you want a report.

  3. Click Run Report.

More Information

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