Using containers

A container is a box in which you can place media and then transfer that box to your off-site storage location. When you configure a vault, you select whether the media are stored in containers or slots at your off-site storage location. Vault tracks, reports, and recalls your media regardless of how the media are transferred and stored off site.

After the media are ejected from your robot, you must add the media logically to containers by using either the Vault Operator Menu or the vltcontainers command.

The options available for adding media to containers are as follows:

The default return date of a container is the date of the volume in the container that is returned the latest. You can change the return date during the container and media ID entry process or at any time thereafter before a container is recalled.

You also can delete a container from the NetBackup and Media Manager databases. The following describes when you should delete an empty container:

If you use containers, Vault reports on the containers and media outside the context of a profile or session.

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