Consolidating ejects and reports

You can eject media from more than one vault session, which is known as consolidating ejects. For example, you may use one vault policy to duplicate media daily but eject media only at the end of the week.

If you consolidate ejects, you should also consolidate reports. Some restrictions may apply if you consolidate reports. By default, you cannot consolidate reports between vaults that use slots and vaults that use containers.

To consolidate ejects and reports for a profile

  1. Select Deferred Eject on the profile Eject tab.

    This action ensures that tapes are not ejected automatically for each Vault session.

  2. Select Deferred Reports on the profile Reports tab.

    This action ensures that reports are not generated automatically for each Vault session.

  3. Eject media and generate reports by using one of the methods described in Ejecting media.

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