About duplication exclusions

The following can eliminate an image from duplication:


If the setting for the copy is Continue, that copy is not critically important to the user. The duplication job ends with a partially successful (1) status if at least one of the other copies succeeds. If the current copy is the only one that fails, Vault does not re-duplicate the image the next time the profile runs. If all copies are set to Continue, at least one of those copies must exist or Vault duplicates the image.

Fail All Copies

If the setting for the copy is Fail All Copies, that copy is critically important to the user, and none of the copies are successful. This forces Vault to retry the duplication the next time the profile runs if that image is selected for duplication (that is, if the time window of the profile allows that image to be selected again). However, if an unscheduled (and unlikely) event creates copies of the image, more than one copy of the image may be assigned to the destination volume pools. If the duplication operation results in more than the Maximum Backup Copies, the duplication step fails. (Maximum Backup Copies are configured in NetBackup Management > Host Properties > Master Server > server_name > Global NetBackup Attributes.)