About previewing a Vault session

Before you run a Vault session, you can preview the session to verify that the profile selects the appropriate images for off-site storage. To preview a session, use the vltrun command with the -preview option, specifying the robot number, vault, and profile as in the following example:

	vltrun robot_number/vault_name/profile_name -preview

Alternatively, you can specify only the profile if it has a unique name.

The vltrun -preview option starts a new vault job, performs a search on the image catalog based on the criteria specified on the profile Choose Backups tab, writes the names of the images to a preview.list file, and then exits. Vault does not act on the images selected.

After you run the preview option, examine the preview.list file, which is located in:

Under certain circumstances, the preview.list file may contain more backup images than are vaulted: