About Vault policy configuration

Collect and record the following information for each new schedule or policy pair you create or existing pair you consider for off-site rotation. The information you record will be used when you configure Vault and can help you determine if an existing policy can be used to create backup media that Vault can select for ejection.

Collect and record the following policy configuraiton information:

Policy Names

The names of all policies used for off-site rotation. To get information about existing policies, you can use the bppllist command.

Schedule Names

The names of the schedule or schedules associated with each policy.

Off-site Original, Duplicate, or Both

Record whether the policy selects original backup media, creates duplicate backup media, or both.

Storage Unit

The storage units for each policy.

Retention Period

The retention period for each schedule so that you will have an idea of when to expect the media to return from off-site.