About report mode (immediate or deferred)

Similar to the eject mode, you can specify whether reports should be generated immediately when the profile runs or deferred until later. If you defer eject, you should also defer reports. If you defer reports, you must perform or schedule another action to generate the reports.

Because some reports are generated only when media are ejected, you may choose to defer reports until the media are ejected. For example, if you duplicate images daily and eject media weekly, you can defer reports for the profile that duplicates images and use the profile that ejects media to generate reports.

If the corresponding eject process has completed when you generate reports, all pending reports are generated and distributed. Those reports are not regenerated if you run deferred reports again. If eject has not completed, the subset of reports that do not depend on completion of eject are generated. Those reports are generated again if deferred reports are ran again.

If you defer reports from multiple sessions and then generate them together, the progress is known as consolidating reports.