About the Eject tab configuration options

Table: Eject tab configuration options lists the configuration options for the Eject tab.

Table: Eject tab configuration options




The button used to add a volume pool to the eject list. If you click Add, the Volume Pools dialog box appears, in which you can add or remove volume pools from the eject volume pool list.

At Time of Eject (Suspend this Session's Media)

Suspend the media when it is ejected. If you also select deferred eject, images can be written to the media until it is ejected. Select this option if you want the media sent off-site to be full.

Suspend at time of eject is the default.

Deferred (Eject Mode)

Defer media ejection until a later time. The reports that are marked with an asterisk (*) on the Reports tab are generated only when all media selected by the profile have been ejected.

Eject Media from additional (non-NetBackup) Volume Pools

Select to eject media in VSM volume pools and then add the VSM media volume pools to the eject list. VSM media must have a return date set by VSM.

Suspend options do not affect VSM media; VSM media are never suspended.


Veritas Storage Migrator (VSM) 6.5 is the final release of the product and is not supported in NetBackup 7.0. However, VSM is supported for the life of NetBackup 6.5 and all NetBackup 6.5 release updates. This means only NetBackup 6.5 GA and 6.5.x media servers support VSM media and this version of Vault will manage those media. Starting with the next major release of NetBackup, Vault will no longer support VSM media eject and report functionality.

Immediate (Eject Mode)

Eject media immediately as part of the current Vault job. The reports that are marked with an asterisk (*) on the Reports tab are generated only when all media selected by the profile have been ejected.

Immediately (Suspend this Session's Media)

Suspend the media during the current session. No more images are written to the media even if ejection is deferred.

Use Email Address from Robot or Vault Management Properties for Eject Notification

Select to send the eject notification email to the email addresses configured on the Vault Robot dialog box or Vault Management Properties dialog box. Eject notification is sent when the eject process begins and ends.

To send the notification email to different address, enter the email addresses in the field below the Use Email Address... checkbox.

Eject notification is configured for each profile on the Eject tab, for each robot on the Vault Robot dialog box, and globally for Vault on the Vault Management Properties dialog box General tab. Vault sends the notification to the first email addresses found in that order. You can configure different addresses in each place.

Off-site Volume Pools

The names of the volume pools from which to eject media. Only the media in the pools that contain images that meet the selection criteria are ejected.

If you create catalog backup media in a profile in which you eject media, you must add the appropriate catalog volume pool to the off-site volume pools eject list.

If you use a vlt_ejectlist_notify script to eject media not created by NetBackup or Vault, you must add the volume pool in which that media resides to the Off-site Volume Pools list of the profile that you run to eject that media.

Skip the Eject Step

Select if you do not want to eject media with this profile.

Suspend Media for the Next Session (Suspend Media on Which Backups Were Written)

Select to suspend original backup media. Then enter the number of days before the Vault job to suspend media.

Use this option only if you vault original images and want to prevent NetBackup from writing partial images on backup media.

Carefully consider whether to use this option. It uses extra CPU cycles because it queries all of the databases again and applies all of the Choose Backups filters again to select media to suspend. Also, this option does not suspend media that is in use, such as media to which NetBackup is writing backup images.

This option suspends duplicate media created by Vault. However, the Suspend this Session's Media option is a better choice for suspending duplicate media because it does not use CPU cycles to select media to suspend.

Suspend this Session's Media

Select to suspend media in the eject list, then select either Immediately or At Time of Eject.

Suspend at time of eject is the default.

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