About media ejection

During media ejection operations, Vault moves the media to be ejected into the default media access port (MAP) of the robotic library. You must extend the MAP, remove the media, and then retract the MAP. If more media is ejected, Vault continues to fill the MAP until all media are ejected. For libraries that have separate MAP doors such as libraries connected by pass-through mechanisms, NetBackup treats all doors as one continuous MAP. In other words, each time you are prompted by NetBackup, open all the doors, empty all the MAPs, and then close all the doors.

For ACS robots that have multiple MAPs, you can specify the MAPs to eject media to when you configure the robot in Vault.

If you use a library that does not have a MAP, you must remove the media from the library slots manually. You also have to perform the eject operation in Vault so that the appropriate database entries are completed. Although you can use automatic eject, Symantec recommends that you use deferred eject to avoid resource contention with other NetBackup activity and you do not neglect to remove the media from the robot. The manual eject operation serves as a reminder to remove the media.

To use deferred eject for a library that does not have a MAP, do the following:

Do not inventory the robot until you remove the media from the MAP or library slots. If you do, you have to revault the media.

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