About critical policies

A new NetBackup catalog policy option, critical policies, lets you select policies that should be recovered before backups from other policies are recovered. The media that contains the backup images from those critical policies are listed in the new NetBackup disaster recovery report. (Vault does not include critical policy data in its catalog backups.)

The media from those critical policies also is listed in the Vault Recovery Report so you can recall the media from those policies and recover that data before you recover data that is not as critical.

You can even recover the critical policies data before you recover the entire catalog. During catalog recovery, partial recovery of the catalog is possible. Partial recovery means you can choose which parts of the catalog backup to restore and in what order. Partial recovery lets you restore part of the catalog, then restore data from critical policies, and finally restore the remainder of the catalog.

If you want to include certain critical policies in your Vault catalog backup but not your regular NetBackup catalog backup, you need a separate NBU-Catalog policy for Vault.

For information about specifying critical policies in an NBU-Catalog policy, see the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.