About catalog backup policy settings

Although you configure only two options on the Catalog Backup tab, settings in the catalog backup policy affect the Vault catalog as follows:

Job priority

The catalog backup job competes for resources with other backup jobs. You can specified the priority for the job, either on the policy Attributes tab (single catalog backup) or on the Configure Multiple Copies dialog box of the Vault Catalog Backup schedule.


You can send the catalog backup to any storage unit, including disk and removable media storage units. Specify the destination in the Vault Catalog Backup schedule.

Volume pool

If you use removable media storage units, you must specify a volume pool for the catalog backup in the Vault Catalog Backup schedule. You also must specify the same volume pool on the Eject tab of the profile.

Number of copies

You can create multiple copies of the catalog, and you can send them to any storage unit that is attached to the destination media server. Specify multiple copies on the Vault Catalog Backup schedule Attributes tab and then specify the number of copies on the Configure Multiple Copies dialog box.

Critical policies

Beginning with NetBackup 6.0, you do not specify the catalog files to include in the Vault catalog backup, and you cannot add other files to the catalog backup. A new NetBackup catalog policy option, critical policies, lets you select policies that should be recovered before backups from other policies are recovered. Specify critical policies on the policy Disaster Recovery tab.