About configuration methods

You can use the NetBackup Administration Console to configure Vault. Alternatively, you can use the Vault Administration menu user interface on UNIX systems (initiated by the vltadm command from a terminal window). These instructions describe using the NetBackup Administration Console to configure Vault.

In some circumstances, you may have to use the Vault Administration menu interface to configure Vault, as follows:

See About the Vault administration interface.

The NetBackup Vault Manager (nbvault) manages Vault activity and arbitrates access to the Vault robot, vault, and profile configuration information. The NetBackup Vault Manager must be running at all times so Vault will function correctly. Because NetBackup Vault Manager arbitrates access, you can run more than one instance of the NetBackup Administration Console; if one instance of an administration interface or Vault command tries to change configuration information while another instance is changing information, Vault prompts the user to reload the information by using the Refresh option.

Versions of Vault earlier than 6.0 do not use the NetBackup Vault Manager to arbitrate access to the Vault configuration and are not supported with this version of Vault.