Creating a Vault catalog backup schedule

You can create a schedule in an existing catalog backup policy or create a new catalog backup policy and schedule. You can create more than one Vault Catalog Backup schedule per policy, and your NetBackup environment may have more than one NBU-Catalog policy.

You must specify the storage unit and, if the storage unit uses removable media, a volume pool for the Vault catalog backup.

If creating one copy of the catalog, you must do the following:

If making multiple copies, select the storage unit and the dedicated Vault catalog volume pool (removable media only).

You do not have to specify a volume pool for disk storage units.


To create a Vault catalog backup schedule in an existing policy

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand NetBackup Management > Policies.

  2. Double-click the policy name.

  3. Select the Schedules tab.

  4. Click New.

  5. See the About Vault catalog backup schedule configuration options for the options you can configure.