Creating a volume pool

Volume pools are configured in the Media and Device Management > Media node of the NetBackup Administration Console.

Ensure that the volume pools you create have sufficient volumes allocated to them (or to a scratch pool if one exists).

After a volume is assigned to an offsite volume pool, it remains in that pool and is used for rotation within that same pool (unless a scratch pool exists, in which case it is returned to the scratch pool).

See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I and the NetBackup Administration help for more information about volume pools and allocating volumes to them.

To create a volume pool

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, click Media and Device Management > Media.

  2. Click Actions > New > Volume Pool.

  3. From the Add a New Volume Pool dialog box, in the Pool name text box, enter a name for the new volume pool.

    The name must be 20 characters or less and cannot contain any spaces or special characters.

  4. In the Description text box, enter a brief description for the pool.

  5. This step applies to NetBackup Enterprise Server only. To allow only a specific host to use the volumes in this pool, do the following:

    • Select Permit only the specified host to access volumes in the pool.

    • In the Host name text box, enter the name of the host that is allowed to request and use the volumes in this volume pool.

      Symantec recommends that you do not specify a specific host. Allowing any host (the default) is recommended and is required if you have NetBackup media servers (or SAN media servers) controlled by a master server. Never specify the name of a client.

  6. Select the Catalog backup pool check box if you plan to use this volume pool to back up the NetBackup catalog. This check box creates a dedicated catalog backup pool to be used for catalog policies. A dedicated catalog volume pool reduces the number of tapes needed during catalog restores since catalog backup media are not mixed with other backup media.