About offsite volume pools

Volume pools identify logical sets of volumes by usage. They are used by Vault to determine if a volume should be ejected. Volume pools for images to be transferred off site are known as offsite volume pools. When you create the images that you want to send off site, write them to media in an offsite volume pool. During a Vault job, Vault searches a robot for images that match the selection criteria. If the media that the images reside on are in an offsite volume pool, Vault ejects that media.

You need at least two dedicated volume pools such as the following:

Offsite Volume Pool

Vault ejects media from offsite volume pools. Assign data that you want to transfer off site to media in an offsite volume pool. You can assign either original backup images created as part of a NetBackup policy job or duplicate images created by a vault job to the offsite volume pool. How many offsite volume pools you use depends on your operations.

Vault Catalog Backup Volume Pool

If you are writing the Vault catalog to removable media, you should use a volume pool dedicated for Vault catalog backups. When you configure the volume pool in Media Manager, ensure that the Catalog Backup attribute is set. You should use only one Vault catalog backup volume pool. Vault does not require a dedicated volume pool for its catalog backups; however, if you do not use one, regular NetBackup media or catalog media may be ejected.

Do not use the NetBackup volume pool for Vault media. Because the NetBackup volume pool is the default volume pool, if you use it for Vault you can send more data offsite than you want to.


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