About using advanced duplication configuration

If each media server has access to at least one unique drive in the destination robot, you can use advanced duplication to process each media server independently and concurrently. (Note: all media from a single profile are ejected from the same robot.) You can do the same thing by configuring a separate profile for each media server rather than using advanced duplication configuration. However, multiple profiles within a single vault must run consecutively, so this may not allow you sufficient bandwidth.


More than one media server applies to NetBackup Enterprise Server only.


If you vault original backups, you do not have to use practices that avoid or reduce Vault resource contention.

You should use caution when you are specifying All Media Servers. For example, if you specify All Media Servers on the Choose Backups tab of a profile and also use Advanced Configuration on the Duplication tab, create an entry for each media server on the Duplication tab advanced configuration view.

If you list more media servers on the Choose Backups tab than on the Duplication tab, Vault assigns the images written by media servers not listed in the advanced view to the first media server that finishes its duplication job. If the first available media server is across the network, a large amount of data would be sent over the network.

Another possible, though less problematic, consequence is that backup images from the media servers not configured for duplication may be duplicated by a different media server each time the profile is run.