Alternative C: one robot as both a backup and Vault robot

In a multi-robot environment, configure all of the robots as backup robots and configure one of the backup robots as a Vault robot also. (One of the robots functions as both a backup robot and a Vault robot.) Configure one vault for the Vault robot, and in that vault configure one profile for each of the backup robots. In each profile, specify the backup robot in the Source Volume Group field of the Choose Backups tab and specify a destination storage unit that is in the Vault robot.

For example, if you have three robots that each have four drives, configure the three profiles as follows:

All images are duplicated to robot three and ejected from robot three.

This method works well with backup policies that use Any Available storage unit. Using Any Available storage unit in your backup policies sends backup images to media in any storage unit available. This configuration selects backup images on all the robots and duplicates them to the Vault robot.


The destination robot must have at least two drives if that robot is used for both read and write functions.