About the primary copy

The first (or only) original backup image is the primary backup copy. NetBackup always uses the primary copy for restore operations. Vault uses the primary copy for duplication operations (unless the primary copy is on removable media and another copy exists on disk). Ensure that primary copies on removable media remain on site in your robot. If the primary copy is off site, a user-initiated restore operation waits indefinitely for a mount of the offsite media.

If you create multiple original backups during a NetBackup policy job, do not assign the primary copy to an offsite volume pool unless you intend to send it off site. If you assign the primary copy to an offsite volume pool, it is ejected and is not available for restore or duplication operations.

If your Vault profile duplicates media and you send the first original off site, configure Vault to designate one of the duplicate images that remain on site as the primary copy.