About avoiding vaulting partial images

Original backup tapes often begin and end with partial images.

If you eject and vault original backup media, that media may contain partial images.

To avoid vaulting partial images, use one of the following methods:

Only use the Suspend Media for the Next Session option if you eject original backup media and want to avoid vaulting partial images. You should carefully consider whether to use the Suspend Media for the Next Session option. It uses extra CPU cycles because it queries all of the databases again and applies all of the Choose Backups filters again, prolonging the length of time required to suspend the media. Therefore, some partial images on vaulted media may be acceptable. If you use this option, it is possible that the original backup media vaulted will not be full.

This option does not suspend media that is in use, such as media to which NetBackup is writing backup images.


Vault only suspends media in offsite volume pools specified on the profile Eject tab.