About overlapping the time window in the profile

To ensure that all data is vaulted, overlap the time window in the profile.

A Vault profile uses a time range as one of the criteria for choosing the backup images to be vaulted. Vault does not duplicate or eject a backup image that already has a copy in the offsite Volume Group; therefore, Vault does not process images that are already vaulted by a previous session. Perhaps more importantly, backups that were not processed if a previous session failed are processed when the profile runs again if the time window is long enough.

Therefore, configure the time window to be the sum of the following:

For example, if you have a profile that duplicates images daily and your longest expected downtime is three days, configure the time window to be at least five days. If a robot fails and requires three days to repair, the next time the profile runs, it selects backup images that were not vaulted during the three-day downtime. Configuring the window to be longer, such as seven days, provides even more resiliency. A longer time window forces Vault to search a larger list of images for vault candidates. Although that consumes more processing time, the extra processing time may not be a problem in your environment because Vault is a batch process that does not demand immediate system response.

About the consequences of not overlapping the time window