About disk staging

Using disk staging for your backup jobs can help avoid resource contention between backup operations and Vault duplication operations. Disk staging is the process of first writing the backup images to a disk storage unit during a NetBackup policy job and then writing the images to removable media during a Vault job.


This topic is about using a disk storage unit as a destination for backup images, not about using a disk staging storage unit.

Some of the advantages of disk staging over tape-to-tape duplication are as follows:

Shortens backup time

Writing to disk is faster than writing to tape, so less time is needed for backing up.

Minimizes tape drive usage

Sending the original copy to tape and then duplicating to a second tape requires one drive to make the first copy and two drives (a read drive and a write drive) to make the second copy.

Reduces expense

Because disk access is fast and disk space is less expensive than tape drives, it is often advantageous to send your backups to disk.

You can schedule your Vault sessions to duplicate the original disk backup images to two (or more) media: one on-site volume and one offsite volume. Also, you can configure the Vault profile to free up the disk space automatically for the next round of back ups.