Uninstalling NetBackup Vault from UNIX and Linux systems

The NetBackup Vault software is not uninstalled. Rather, you deactivate NetBackup Vault by deleting the license key from the list of current NetBackup licenses. When the license key is deleted, Vault is no longer available for use. You can delete the NetBackup Vault license key only if Vault was licensed with its own key, separate from the base NetBackup product license key.

Before you delete the NetBackup Vault license key, you should delete all Vault-specific items from NetBackup, such as volume pools, Vault policies, and so on. You can remove all Vault-specific configuration items by using the NetBackup-Java Administration Console to delete them. Deleting the Vault configuration ensures that NetBackup does not include anything that was configured for Vault, such as volume pools.

To delete a Vault license key

  1. From the NetBackup-Java Administration Console, select Help > License Keys

  2. Select the Vault license key from the list of keys that is displayed in the NetBackup License Keys dialog box.

    If NetBackup Vault was included as part of the base product key, performing the following step deletes your base key and you cannot use NetBackup. If you do not want to delete the NetBackup license key, do not continue.

  3. Click Delete