Licensing prerequisites for UNIX and Linux systems

To license NetBackup Vault on a UNIX or Linux system, the NetBackup master server must be installed and running on the UNIX or Linux machine. In addition, you must have a valid NetBackup Vault license key.

To add a valid license key and configure Vault

  1. To make sure a valid license key for NetBackup Vault is registered on the master server, enter the following command to list and add keys:


    In a cluster environment, license NetBackup Vault on all nodes in the NetBackup cluster.

  2. If you add the NetBackup Vault key after the NetBackup master server installation is complete, you must start the NetBackup Vault daemon. Perform the following command:


  3. Use the following commands to start the NetBackup-Java Administration Console and configure Vault.



    To complete the Vault configuration, you must configure the appropriate NetBackup attributes that Vault uses and identify which NetBackup policies you want to use with Vault (or create new attributes to use with Vault). Please read the following chapters to develop an understanding of how Vault works and how best to configure Vault for your operations. You should configure the email address for notification of session status and enter alternate media server names, if appropriate.

    See Configuring Vault Management Properties.

    In a cluster environment, you can use the NetBackup-Java Administration Console that is connected through the NetBackup virtual server name to configure Vault. You can do that regardless of which cluster server is currently active.