Preparing for recovery

Recovering data can be a difficult and time consuming process. The success of recovery often depends on how well you prepare for disaster. Your preparations for disaster and what you have to accomplish during a recovery depends on your recovery systems. For example, if your recovery site and systems are already operational and have NetBackup and Vault installed, you do not have to protect the NetBackup installation media and the license keys and install NetBackup during the recovery process; you only have to recover the NetBackup catalogs and data. Conversely, if your recovery systems do not have NetBackup and Vault installed and configured, you have to prepare for that and accomplish it during recovery.

You should do the following to prepare for recovery using NetBackup and Vault. (You may not have to do some of the items listed, and you may have to do more than what is listed.)


Effective disaster recovery procedures are specific to an environment and provide detailed information about everything that should be accomplished to prepare for disaster and to recover after disaster occurs. Symantec provides general disaster recovery information that is intended as a model only. You must evaluate the information and then develop your own disaster recovery plans and procedures.