Adding a Windows driver package

Add a package, as follows:

Before you can add a package, you must have the installation files for the package. Obtain them from one of the following: the vendor's Web site, the installation program that is provided with the NIC device or MSD device, or another BMR Windows client in your environment.


You can add only NIC and MSD drivers. All other types of drivers (audio, video, modem, and so on) must be installed on the system after the restore is complete.

To add a driver package by using the Driver Package Wizard

  1. On the Start menu on any Windows boot server, click Programs > Symantec NetBackup > Bare Metal Restore Boot Server Assistant.

  2. In the Bare Metal Restore Boot Server Assistant, click Driver Package Wizard.

  3. In the Driver Package wizard, step through the prompts as follows to add the software package:

    • Path to the installation files for the package.

    • Description of the package.

    • Version of Windows that the package can be used with.

    • The specific driver from the package installation files (installation files may include more than one driver).

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